Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More Music!

I have been helping 12 year old Ted with his algebra, or perhaps, more accurately stated, I have been doing Ted’s homework while he goes “A-ha”.
With 9 year Monty, I have been doing algebra of a different kind, this time I get a bit more than an “A-ha” in return.  We have now established the following completely unscientific statement to be true:-

1mg Bumetanide + 3g NAC + 10mg Atorvastatin  =  More Music + More Parties  + More Hugs

Monty has always liked music, but he only wanted to play the piano during a lesson and at first, even during the lessons, he only wanted to escape.  This year he has moved from playing with two fingers to playing with all fingers of both hands. He now plays the piano spontaneously all by himself and the little colour stickers came off the piano keys yesterday, without a comment.

More parties, because if you behave nicely in class, you get invited to parties and even though they are very noisy and full of strangers, you stay calm and under self-control, so nothing can get in the way of having fun and you no longer have to leave early.

More hugs, because now it is easy to express yourself and with tantrums and obsessive behaviour gone, it is possible for spontaneous emotional behaviour to emerge.


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