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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mixed Media Messages

You may have noticed a week ago SAP, the German software giant, announced that it will in future try to ensure that 1% of its 60,000 workforce are autistic.  This attracted quite a lot of publicity.  It might have been kinder if they had referred to Asperger’s, or at least High Functioning Autism. Not all autistic people are savants or computer wizz kids.

When it comes to TV, the messages are often either trivial or sensational.  But, thanks to the internet, you can access very relevant and intelligent films, and all for free.

The MIND Institute at the University of California in Sacramento, has a rich library of material, from some very well qualified people.

These films are typically an hour long and cover many of the subjects that have appeared in this blog.  If you are a fan of Temple Grandin, you can even watch her film.  I liked the one by Deborah Fein, halfway down the list.

As usual though, usable conclusions are rather absent; we have to add those ourselves.