Tuesday, 8 April 2014

PolyPill for Autism - Current Version

The objective was to identify the most effective drugs to treat Classic early-onset autism, having biomarkers of elevated serotonin, cholesterol, thyroid FT3/4 and growth factor IGF-1.  Except for the TRH drug, these drugs are all generic and very cheap.  The total cost per day is about EUR 1 ($1.4).

The dosage is based on a 10 year old child weighing 33kg / 73lbs

The TRH and Clonazepam doses are tiny.

According to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), most countries have an arrangement whereby patients can apply for access to drugs for off-label use, usually based on experimental evidence or clinical trials.  If you use these drugs, it would be helpful to collect data on the effect, so that it can later be used by the EMA to evaluate the Autism Polypill.  You can send me the data or case reports.

Since most doctors continue to regard autism as untreatable, you will have to be proactive, if you want a drug to treat your child. 


  1. How did you get the Bumetanide prescription!? Living in Utah is one more obstacle to getting ANYTHING done. Proactive? Try nuclear reaction proactive.

  2. You can ask your doctor, based on the clinical trials of this known to be safe medicine, to give you a prescription. It is a diuretic, so nobody is going to abuse it. If he does not want to help you, then buy it over the internet from a pharmacy in Mexico. In Mexico it is called Miccil. In theory the FDA have a scheme that allows US citizens access to drugs used in clinical trials on a "named patient basis". It is a very cheap drug.


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