Monday, 20 May 2013

Tapas Time - Statins Part 4

Today’s post is bite-sized, as opposed to the occasional shock to the digestive system that I serve up.

You may have been wondering how come a few American researchers have managed to keep a lid on the neuroprotective power of statins; or even that Peter and Monty are making it all up.

Well, for a change from the usual Anglo-Saxon research, today I present you a paper from Granada in Spain.
Statins as neuroprotectants: acomparative in vitro study of lipophilicity, blood-brain-barrier penetration,lowering of brain cholesterol, and decrease of neuron cell death.

They study which statin should be the most neuroprotective.  Their choice is Simvastatin, which is also known as Zocor.  In the UK, Zocor is now an over the counter (OTC) drug, meaning no prescription required.

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