Monday, 1 April 2013

LEGO Therapy

You may not have heard of LEGO therapy; not only does it exist, but it has been proved to be effective in several studies, including at the University of Cambridge, Autism Research Centre (home of Borat's brother, Simon). 

While they were playing with LEGO, two very bright researchers over in the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Development Disabilities were busy writing and editing an amazing 458 page book of scientific research called  AUTISM: Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Immune Abnormalities.  I say amazing, because it has in one place, what would take me a month to find in tiny pieces all over the internet.  There were 54 contributors including from big names like Harvard, Columbia and Johns Hopkins.

The good news is that an American charity ( has been sending out complementary copies of the book to various leading Medical Schools.  This is funny because Nela, Monty's assistant at school, suggested the same thing, that we should send it to everyone.  Hopefully the Autism Research Centre of Cambridge University has already bought a copy, but don't be surprised if they have not.

Back to LEGO Therapy

The therapy was developed by Daniel Legoff; and yes, it appears that is his real name.  Just for a change, I decided to include a short film that explains all about the therapy. Just click on the arrow, it takes 15 seconds to get to the actual film.  (if you have an iPad or Apple click here instead)



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